Make Money Trading Stocks

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How to Use Colorful Lines to Trade Stocks?
A new and practical way to look at the chart and its candlesticks
How to organize your broker? USA only.

How to Be a Professional Trader?

1. Learn as much as you can. You can directly take our direct training by skype or take training levels by videos.
2. Save as much money as you can. The more money you have, the better.
3. Open a broker account. Choose the best according to commissions and fees.
4. Trade stocks in virtual account first. This will help you just get a feeling of money either profits or losses.
5. If you have taken our training, that would be easy to begin trading with real money.
6. To be professional trader can take from 1 to 3 years. So the there is no short cut to success. You need to practice.
7. The more you are serious and disciplined, the better your profits will be.
8. Bigger accounts make big money. Small accounts make you frustrated and stressed.
9. Doing mistakes is the heart of trading. If you dont correct your mistakes you will stay in the same level.
10. Trading is a risky business.If you can't afford to lose money, trading is not for you.
11. Trading is a lonely job. So you should be comfortable working alone from your home or so.
12. Trading stocks is not for the lazy. If you are lazy to search and make an effort, probably you will not succeed.
13. Success in trading depends on you. The stocks are always going up, others going down and some in between trading into a range. So it is your job to choose when you enter and when exit. Our training makes it easier for you to do so.
14. Trading is not gambling. If you buy a stock and you dont know why you buy it that is purely gambling. You will never go far with this atittude. Stubborness leads to failure.
15. Discipline makes you objective. You should plan every trade you do. No feelings in trading.
16. Never get a tip from anyone or a website or any materials either online or from books. You should do everything by yourself. you search, you pick, your put a stop loss, you follow, you exit. when you reach this stage of relying on yourself you will become a professional trader.