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How to Use Colorful Lines to Trade Stocks?
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What is an affiliate program?

Affiliate program is a way to make money by taking a percentage of the sale of any product you sell. So your job is promote and advertise for the product or membership.

How does it work?

1. You open a free account at
2. Send us your email you used to open the account to
3. You will receive an email from gumroad website having the links of all the products available to promote.

What you should do with these links?

If you already used an affiliate program, you would know what to do. But if you are new to affiliate programs. Here is a simple way to do it:
Your job is to promote and advertise for the products/links. You can put these links into your website, facebook page, blogs, twitter, forums, youtube and any other means of social media. This list is not exhaustive. You can google or use youtube to learn more how to promote your products.

How do I know that I get sales from my links?

Check your gumnroad account. It will give you all the details about your sales and how much you made..

How much should I get for each sale?

You will get 10% commission for each sale. Let say the product is $500 you will get $50.

To whom should I contact if I need more assistance or help?